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Tips To Dress Your Apple-Shaped Body

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Are you an apple-shaped woman? You must have faced difficulties in finding the outfit that is not only flattering but stylish too. This is all due to the waist that is not defined. Most of the women with this kind of shape often end up choosing wrong outfits that make their tummy appear bigger. However, the time you get to know the best dress for this body shape, you can dress confidently. Here are some of the best tips from Yishion Singapore that helps you to pick the right dress for your apple shaped body.

Before we begin, you need to know whether your body is apple-shaped or not. If you have an apple-shaped body, you will feel the weight concentrated in your tummy. No matter if you are already in this shape or becoming this due to perimenopause, you will find your body with the following attributes we have mentioned below:

  • You have a stomach so round that your waist is not defined.
  • You will find your shoulders and upper arms broader
  • The bust is larger in many cases.
  • Hips are slim if you compare it to your shoulders.
  • A flat behind
  • You will have gorgeous legs though

So, from the points we have mentioned above, it is clear that your goal is to choose the outfit that can hide your tummy. While, at the same time, you must flaunt your gorgeous legs to add up more to your personality.

So, without any further ado, let’s begin with the five tips!


  • You will be needing a bra for lifting the bust-up. Moreover, there is a need for segregation between the bust and tummy otherwise you will look no different than a ball.
  • Your breasts must be resting in between the elbows and shoulders. Hence, make sure it is not hanging and looking like the sagging breasts of an older woman.
  • Additionally, for minimizing the apple tummy, you can try tummy shapewear.


  • We highly prefer you to go for tops with V-neck. It adorns the neckline and makes you look more attractive. In this way, your face will be grabbing the attention of the tummy.
  • Choose such tops that can entirely hide your tummy. So, make sure it goes lower to your hipbone.
  • Tops with designed sleeves can also help you shift the attention from your tummy to your face.
  • You can also choose empire tops. Also, you can go for such tops that include knots at the bust.

Moreover, there are many tops that you must avoid. So, don’t ever choose a baggy top. Irrespective of comfort, these baggy tops can make you look bigger and older. Therefore, choose such tops that slightly fits you. Make sure it does not cling the belly region.


  • You must choose the pants that have a smooth front. So, you can go for the pull-on pants that have zippers but not in the front.
  • Avoid choosing such pants that come with too many details especially on the waist area.
  • Any pants with pockets are not for you. They are only going to make the behinds full and larger.


  • Avoiding wearing jackets with double breasts. They will be making you look more busty as well as wide.
  • Vests and duster coats up to the knees are one of the best slimming dresses for an apple shape.
  • You can have a long shirt or a flowing dress. Make sure that the jacket you choose is ending at your hips. If it doesn’t, it will make your tummy grabbing the attention.


  • Well, it’s time to show your gorgeous legs. Skirts can help you out with that. However, make sure it does not look shorter. The shorter it gets, the more your upper body will look bigger.
  • Try balancing it with a flared skirt. We have found the A-lines ideal for an apple-shaped woman.


  • Choose such dresses with elevated waistlines.
  • A wrap dress is one of the best slimming dresses for apple shape. Be sure of one thing that choosing a dress that is too bulky can make you look like a pregnant woman.
  • The drop waist dresses that go narrowing to your hips can leave to tight around the belly.
  • Shift dresses that appear falling straight can be a good choice too.

Patterns and colors

  • Patterns are capable of hiding your apple tummy.
  • You must choose dark colors as they will make your belly region look shrunk. So, you can go for colors like black, navy as well as brown.

Things you must avoid!

  • Dresses with necklines that are too high
  • Tight and clingy clothes
  • Shapeless baggy clothes
  • Heavy sweaters
  • Bulky coats
  • Pants with buttons, zippers
  • Skirts with more details

Do you feel understanding your body shape better? If yes, then you must be adopting these tips into your dressing. It will surely be going to add up more to your personality.