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The Main Functions of Financial Companies in Singapore

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Financial institutions or banking companies are the types of organizations that focus on the provisions of the solutions such as covering expenses with regards to the financial problems of an institution or an individual. In general, these establishments offer to let financially challenged people borrow certain amounts of money with only having an obligation to repay it with an additional interest rate.

Although these financial institutions have a variety of plans, policies, and services, in general, they all have similar functions.

Loans for personal purposes

Loans made specifically for the personal purposes and motives of the client are called personal loans. This type of loan is commonly availed by individuals who need immediate money, although they are in a stable financial situation.

Usually offered by financial companies, this is subdivided into categories which include wedding loans, line of credit loans, secured loans, unsecured loans, vacation loans, credit builder loans, student loans, and debt consolidation loans. And among these types, the most popular ones are secured loans and unsecured loans.

For the rundown, secured loans are loans that are secured by collateral. This collateral is an entity, for which most are personal properties of the client, which are agreed to be an alternative in case the borrower happened to default the transaction or in common terms, he or she wasn’t able to repay the money. On the other hand, unsecured loans are the contrasting end of the secured loans because this doesn’t require any collateral. However, these loans are higher in interest rates because these rates are the only assurance the lending company has on the client.

Loans for business purposes

The loans offered for businesses are called business loans. These loans are applied by individuals or corporations who have businesses to run through. As similar to other loans, this also requires additional interest rates which depend on the value of the borrowed money that will be used for.

Moreover, business loans are also subdivided into various types including cash flow loans, bank loans, business cash advances, mezzanine financing, microloans, asset-based financing, and invoice financing.

As an overview of some of these loans, cash flow loans deal with unsecured transactions and are commonly used for the daily expenses and operations of certain businesses. A business cash advance lets the clients have their money if they agree to add a certain percentage coming from their business’s sales of credits. Invoice financing is another type for which the money is used for the improvement of the company’s cash flows, operation’s reinvestment, and payments of the workers and suppliers. And lastly, the asset-based financing provides term loans and working capital for which are tenable by inventory, real estate, accounts receivable, equipment, and machinery.

To finance the capital

Financing the capital for both the daily and long terms is the special funding provided by the financial institutions. The borrowed money is commonly used to operate their capital in the consistence of debt and equity with the expectation of earnings coming from the interest of the company’s stock appreciations, investments, and dividends.

Through the administrations of activities that are associated with the funding capital, the borrowers were able to raise their funds. And as an example, the increase in the capital by debt or stock issuance would help the business acquire new pieces of equipment, building, land, and other more assets.


In terms of today’s survival, money has become a prominent material because it can buy anything. With the use of this entity, individuals could buy their necessities, cover their medical bills, pay for their education, and become a good citizen by being able to pay for the taxes. However, there are still some unlucky individuals to be in an unstable financial situation and are incapable to have good services and high-quality materials. With the help of financial institutions like EasyFind SG located in Singapore, people can find immediate solutions for these types of problems like having to pay expenses for unforeseen circumstances; to know more about the plans and policies offered by the said company, visit SME loan Singapore.