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Take your Ripped Jeans to the Next Level

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There are so many different looks that can be achieved with a pair of ripped jeans. If you want to kick up your street fashion style, these jeans have the best selection for what you need to get a trendy look with a little extra kick. They will make any type of fashion statement that you desire. 

You can wear almost any type of outfit with it. A short dress, cardigan, peplum shirt, cropped top, short sleeveless dress, pea coat, or crop tops all are great to wear with ripped jeans. Whether you wear them completely tattered at the bottom or slashed across the midsection, these celebrities and fashion heavy-weights show off all of the different ways that you can properly style ripped jeans this year. From skirts and dresses to camisoles and tank tops, they have got you covered. 

There are some women out there who simply love their ripped jeans, no matter what they are wearing. They aren’t bothered by other people being jealous of their great looking jeans, because they know that they look good. Well, they’re wrong! 

When you’re trying to find a great pair of ripped jeans to wear with your favorite pair of jeans, there are a few things to keep in mind. You’ll be wearing your shirt, blouse, and possibly a jacket. These can all create problems if you don’t select the right type of material. The material you choose to go with your blouse will determine the overall style of your outfit. For example, if you go with a darkish blouse with light denim, it’s going to look a bit more casual than if you pick a light blue blouse with dark denim. 

Choose a well-fitted t-shirt or a well fitted cardigan 

One easy solution to this problem is to choose a well-fitted t-shirt or a well fitted cardigan. This way, all you have are the major components of your outfit and none of the small print. For example, let’s say you decide you want to wear a black skirt with a black top. You could also go with a black top, black skirt, black bottom, and a well fitted cardigan. These all work really well together, because the top and bottom pieces will match with each other, while the cardigan will fit over the top. 

Level it Up with Your Boots 

Another great option if you aren’t wearing a shirt is to go with an interesting accessory, such as a pair of high heeled boots. Boots help to accentuate your ripped jeans and make them much sexier to look at.  

Here are a few outfit ideas using a great pair of boots to match with your ripped jeans: 

Fun and edgy 

If you really want to add some edginess to your outfit, then you can take any shirt you like and simply add a ripped jeans hem. For instance, you can wear a short sleeveless shirt with a ripped pocket to create a fun and edgy look. You can also wear a dark washed out denim skirt and some black skinny jeans. Complete the look with a black leather biker jacket and some sneakers. 

Black Skinny Jeans 

If you really want to go for the dressed-up look, then you might want to consider a white button-down shirt along with a pair of black skinny jeans. You can use some bold colored statement jewelry to really dress it up. A charm bracelet would be a fantastic addition, or even some shiny crystal jewelry. Complete the look with a black belt and a pair of black boots. This outfit would look best paired with a skinny black tie. 

Chic and Classic  

For this chic and classic ripped jeans look, you’ll definitely want to consider pin-stripes. These can either be subtle or dramatic depending on the style that you’re going for. For a more subtle look, choose a plain, solid colored shirt with a striped pattern on it. Then pair it with a pair of black skinny jeans. For a more dramatic look, choose pin-stripes on either the shirt or on the pockets of a black or white shirt. 

Cool and Understated 

If you don’t want to go for the edgy and trendy ideas, you can always stick to the more conservative alternatives. Pair a white or black plain t-shirt with a pair of black ankle boots. This is the perfect outfit for the summer, since it doesn’t require much additional accessories. Other great options include graphic t-shirts with lettering or images, and plain white t-shirts with plain white socks or ankle boots. 

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